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As well as helping to support the organisation of cricket at all levels in Herefordshire, membership conveys the following benefits:

  • The chance to watch high-class NCCA cricket at some of the County’s most beautiful grounds, free of charge.
  • Reduced entry fee for the inaugural Showcase game against Worcestershire CCC 1st XI on 20th July (venue TBC)
  • Access to qualified, DBS-checked coaches for 121’s and Summer Camps organised by Herefordshire Cricket
  • Discounted hire of indoor and outdoor facilities at the Herefordshire Cricket Centre in Hereford (N.B. not suitable for adult games)
  • Membership handbook
  • Privileged access to corporate or individual sponsorship opportunities

Prize Draw
One additional bonus of paying a sub this year is that, as in 2019, we will be holding a Prize Draw to win £100 in cash (to be drawn on Tuesday 20th July at the Showcase game v WCCC). New or renewing members will receive the following entries into the draw:

  • Annual members will receive ONE entry.
  • If you apply for a 2- or 3-year membership you will receive a discount on the equivalent single year annual membership price and TWO entries into the draw.
  • As an added incentive, if you complete a Standing Order mandate for a single or multi-year Annual membership you will receive TWO additional entries.
  • If you apply for new Life Membership, you will receive THREE entries into the draw.
  • Existing Life members can pay to enter for a fee of £5 for ONE or £10 for THREE entries. Bank details and address to send cheques are in the application form

Family Discount
If you happen to have relatives playing representative cricket at any County Age Group or for either the First or Development XI of the National Counties side, there are discounts for annual or life memberships. Please see form for details.

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Marches League Awards Evening 2021

The Marches League Awards Night has been announced, with special guest speaker Devon Malcolm.

17 Sep 2021
Herefordshire Cricket
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Brockhampton CC to Host Girls Cricket Festival

10 Sep 2021





Marches Awards Evening

7:30 PM

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