Safer Recruitment

Safer Recruitment Guidance


Representing a club or County within the Cricket Network brings status and respect in the community.

Therefore, it’s critical that Cricket does all it can to ensure that people are suitable for their roles and upholds the values and behaviours that are expected.

Preparing to Recruit - Volunteers and Coaches


Planning the process

The recruitment and selection process set out in this Policy should ensure the identification

of the person(s) best suited to the role, whether paid or not, based on the applicant’s

abilities, qualifications, experience and attitude as measured against the role profile

and person specification.



The purpose of an advertisement is to attract only the right type of person for the role.

The Club will therefore consider the most appropriate ways to advertise each role.


All posts working with children and young people should be advertised, ideally internally and externally.

•        Website, intranet and/or email

•        Relevant job boards

•        Social media

•        Local schools/colleges/universities

•        Local press

•        Use of 3rd parties/recruitment agencies if this is deemed necessary


Safeguarding Statement

All advertisements for roles in regulated activity, paid or unpaid, must include this statement:


“The Club is committed to safeguarding and protecting the children and young people that we work with. As such, all posts are subject to a safer recruitment process, including the disclosure of criminal records and vetting checks. We ensure that we have a range of policies and procedures in place which promote safeguarding and safer working practice across our services.”


Defining the role

All roles will have an element of safeguarding responsibility, and this will be reflected in the

role profile.


The Club will implement:

 •        Role profiles, which define whether the role will have contact with children and

young people.

•        Person specifications, describing the skills, experience or attributes the successful candidate needs in order to carry out the role.

Where roles are eligible, role profiles will specify the requirement for an ‘Enhanced DBS

Check with a check of the relevant barred lists.



Two references, one of which must be from the applicant’s current/most recent employer where possible, will be requested for all shortlisted candidates (including internal candidates).

Requests for references will be accompanied by the role profile and person specification.

Referees will be asked specific questions; we would advise that you use a Reference Proforma to ensure all the relevant questions are answered.


Questions should relate to:

 •        Any specific concerns the referee might have or be aware of in regard to the applicant’s suitability to work with children

•        Any substantiated allegations; Any disciplinary warnings, including time-expired warnings, relating to the safeguarding of children and Adults at Risk

•        The applicant’s skills, behaviours and attributes in relation to the post they have applied for


The Appointing Officer will contact the referee directly in order to clarify any aspect of the

reference. Any telephone discussion with a referee will be recorded with full notes being

kept of the conversation. References will be used to check the appointment and to reinforce decisions made as part of the interview/selection process. References will be checked against information on the application form and from the interview/selection process.


Selecting the right people(shortlisting)

Checking Applications checklist


•        Application forms are fully complete

•        Gaps are identified in work history

•        Points of concern considered (full to part time, geographical changes, significant salary drops, change of career path)

•        Information is consistent

•        References include most recent employer and cover suitable timescale

•        Discrepancies between application form and reference details

At least 2 people should be involved in the shortlisting process



The Club will ensure that the candidates are shortlisted against the person specification

and given due notice of the interview date. The Recruitment Panel are responsible for

recording their reasons for the candidates they shortlist.

The Club will endeavour to ensure Recruitment Panels are diverse and that there is continuity in the people involved in the recruitment process from shortlisting to interview and then selection.

The line manager for the role being recruited should be involved in the entirety of the recruitment process.


The selection process for roles working with children and young people should always include a face-to-face interview. Interviews may include additional interview techniques such as observation or exercises.

They will promote equality in all aspects of its work, particularly regarding all decisions on advertising of roles to diverse communities, appointing, promoting and paying staff, training and staff development. The CCB will ensure that its processes are open, transparent and fair and all decisions will be objectively justified.

During the interview candidates will be asked appropriate questions. The process will give all candidates an equal chance to demonstrate their suitability for the role.

Supplementary questions can be asked of candidates based on responses during the interview and any questions which arose from the application pack.


Each Panel member will be responsible for keeping clear, concise objective notes of the

interview process which will be available to candidates should they so request afterwards.


During the interview candidates will be required to:

•        Explain any gaps in employment.

•        Explain satisfactorily any anomalies or discrepancies in the information available

•        to the panel.

•        Declare any information that is likely to appear on the DBS disclosure.


Any information disclosed by the candidate on their application form related to allegations, disciplinary action, cautions or convictions will be discussed during the interview.




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